A fun packed spaceship runner. Choose a pilot, and complete exciting missions by flying a spaceship through tunnels filled with gems, collectables and dangerous obstacles. The game challenges your speed and coordination skills, while giving you a story to unlock about a group of friends, who constantly challenges themselves to do the impossible. Become a part of this team, become a Space Head champion – enjoy the action!

Space Heads will keep you entertained, whenever you need a break.

Feature list

  • Choose between original Space Heads pilots and spaceships
  • Maneuver your spaceship up-down, left-right and tap to flip it sideways!
  • Experience challenging missions
  • Upgrade your Space Ship with various enhancements
  • Collect or buy gems and life pods, so you can boost your journey a little longer
  • Evade a variety of dangerous obstacles throughout your flight!
  • The more time you race, the faster it will go. Try to hang on!
  • Unlockable pilots, ships, propulsion and comic strips